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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Claire Millers Gorgeous Wedding!

"The easiest choice for my wedding was my makeup artist. Although it would be my first time using her services, I was confident of her abilities because of the beautiful way she did her own makeup and the passion she has for the art. I am SO glad I went with her because she worked miracles on my face. She also happily catered to my schedule even though that meant rushing and waking up at the CRACK of dawn. I have never felt more beautiful thanks to Sheree and my husband agreed when he saw me that I looked amazing! She has a calm and friendly demeanor that made my stresses melt away with the confidence she gave me. She also charges an extremely great price for all she offers-SO worth it. She was very knowledgable and had everything I could have needed to look beautiful on my wedding day including a variety of things like a spray that reduces sweat on the skin, which was so helpful! I recommend Sheree to everyone because she was such a blessing to me!" - Claire Miller

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